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India's Most Vicious Politician

Indias Most Vicious Politician 1

Some cameramen have the knack of catching the expressions of public figures that expresses their real self. They do it either with stills or get a clip from a video. The picture below describes best what makes up Sonia Gandhi (SG) – With her vicious expression!
That’s a pic from the current protests by Congress against suspension of 25 of its rioters from the Lok Sabha. From the time she came into Parliament SG demonstrated her lust for power by grandly claiming “Thoo Seventhy Thoo” without having the numbers to form a govt. The Congress was as good as dead but as MD Nalapat explains (and many believe this to be true) that it was Vajpayee & Co. that let it come back from the dead with their soft attitude towards this power-lust woman. Nalapat writes how the Bofors case was botched and Q was allowed to get away. ABV’s later shift to appeasement politics and preponing the 2004 elections also cost the BJP and the country. Here’s what MD Nalapat wrote:
“The (Malaysian) official went on to allege that Mr Q was boasting that PM Vajpayee himself had sent a private assurance that “no harm would be allowed to come to him”. Hopefully, the Malaysian official was either not telling the truth or had been the victim of rumours. To believe that Vajpayee or his Law Ministry would so subvert the course of justice so as to save Quatrocchi strains credulity. However, clearly the CBI lawyers botched up their case, for evidence that had been found compelling by a Swiss court was rejected by the Malaysian judge. By 2003, Quatrocchi was able to leave Malaysia,a free man. Had he brought back Ottavio Quatrocchi, Prime Minister Vajpayee would have been a hero to civil society in India. Instead, many began to believe that Mr Q had been deliberately let off, whatever be the truth or otherwise behind such a perception. The whiff of impropriety that wafted over Team Vajpayee led to the BJP’s defeat the next year, at the hands of the Congress Party. Mr Q had felled yet another politician”.
Behind the media-painted picture of a cool, calm woman there lies someone whose viciousness comes out frequently. I once read an article which stated that during Congress party meetings just one glance from SG was enough to shut up a dissident (Unfortunately, I can’t locate that article, therefore no link). From the time Congress came back to power in 2004 till 2014 one has hardly heard SG speak at all. I have not known her to be able to speak half a sentence without a written script. Still, during 2012 when LK Advani made a remark about the UPA being an “illegitimate” govt, the viciousness of SG was in full display. She herself didn’t rise to object or protest but she pushed her MPs to fight her battle.
For the one person who threatened her the most she had choice epithets “Maut ka Saudagar” for which she paid dearly with a heavy defeat in Gujarat. The lines may have been written by someone else but the vicious choices are made by SG. She tells her duffer son “power is poison” but she is the delivery vehicle for that poison (Just like a cigarette is a delivery vehicle for nicotine). Her favourite words are Maut, Murder, Hatya to describe any process in democracy that is not to her liking. Quite correctly MD Nalapat once again describes her perfectly and not many would disagree with this:
“Supreme power with zero responsibility”
In the 10 years of UPA, SG had absolute powers without the slightest responsibility. She had a puppet for a PM who was mostly the fall guy for all their misdeeds. And she had media-slaves like Barkha, Rajdeep, Shekhar Gupta and many others licking her doormat. The moment someone mentioned SG in a critical discussion these bootlickers in media would become as dead as a dodo. Even in the National Herald case Rajdeep rushed to her defence asking “Where is the fraud”? And there are media crooks that wet their skirts at the mention of SG’s name (in the Lalit Modi scandals):
Of course, her slavish Durbaris have written books to paint her a saint and when inconvenient her slaves have also ensured other books about her never find a place in the market (The Red Sari). Under her, sometimes opponents and sometimes supporters (like Mayawati and Mulayam Singh) were routinely put under a hammer through the CBI. Draconian laws to paint Hindus as criminals were proposed by her, like the CVB. The nonsense of 66A came about only to protect the Chinese Gandhis from being ridiculed or lampooned on the SM. 
SG and her little kids frequently visit the poor villagers and behave like their saviour. They brag about bringing about RTI while her daughter does all in her might to conceal her land deals in Himachal. They travel in absolute secrecy. SG was reported with illnesses that nobody knows about. Such is their belief in transparency and democracy. And every time she is in a tight spot SG never fails to scream “Hatya, Hatya, Hatya of democracy”. After the thrashing in the LS2014 elections it was evident to many that the Congress led by the mother-son duo will have nothing to offer but rioting inside and outside the parliament. The little duffer screams inside the parliament, mostly with the same nonsense he utters outside. 
Having made up their mind not to let the parliament function and not allow the BJP govt to pass any bills whatsoever it was clear no debate, no discussion will ever be acceptable to Congress members. They simply do not know what to do with their fallen fortunes but are doing everything to hasten towards their final death as a party. After many sessions of parliament where the Congis rioted and agitated with placards and excessive noises it was inevitable that some of them would be suspended. Rightly so! One Congi even went as far as nearly assaulting the Speaker by banging his placard on her desk. And SG told other members of her party she saw no reason for his immediate suspension. Take this episode from Anand Sharma. He tables a motion for discussion and then withdraws demanding resignation first (Over the Sushma-Vasundhara Raje issue):
In all the Congress rioting and agitations the media has abetted and acted as an accomplice to their crimes. I suppose everyone remembers the massive fake campaign by the media over the “Christians-Attacked” under ModiSarkar. Every aspect of that campaign was proved to be a fraud by the Opposition parties and the media – From the theft at Holy Auxilium School at Delhi to the Nun-rape in Bengal. All concocted to help tar the first non-Congress govt in India with a clear majority. The loss of power makes SG bitter and behave like fish out of water. Gone are all pretences of stature, diplomacy and dignity. I have said before “Character is not built in a crisis… It merely reveals itself”. This is not even the first time that unruly members have been suspended from the parliament. Congress has a worse history of ejecting members even when RajivG had a brute majority of 400+ in the parliament.
Over the years parliament has been turned into a “Rowdy Bazaar” by many uncouth politicians. Still, protesting, shouting and disrupting are all part of the game. I admit, sometimes it’s even hilarious and entertaining. But SG’s motive for the outrageous behaviour her party members may not be what it appears to be. Maybe it is a ploy to later play victim when the law catches up for her past misdeeds. Such is the viciousness of the woman that she even allowed Youth Congress goondas to protest and riot at the residence of the Speaker. I would assume she has authorised such extreme lumpen behaviour because she made no effort to stop those goondas. ModiSarkar must deal with this vicious woman and her goondas the same way she dealt with a peaceful, sleeping crowd at Ramlila grounds during Baba Ramdev’s protests. That resulted in the death of an innocent woman – Rajbala. There was hardly any remorse for that brutal action. Such is the viciousness of SG. I don’t believe that was the handiwork of some little PC or any other minister. No one barks in Congress unless the Bossini nods in approval.
Francois Gautier, a Frenchman who is passionately in love with India and Hinduism while still remaining a Christian, wrote an open letter to Narendra Modi recently. Towards the end he writes these lines: “Sri Aurobindo insisted a lot on the role of ‘occult’ forces, that is asuric forces who use human beings to do harm. @SoniaGandhiG is such a person, and she did a lot of harm to India during the ten years when the @INCIndia Congress was in power when she acted like an empress, over the head of the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, though she was only an MP’s, like 525 others”.
Gautier suggests NaMo has softened and must not make the same mistake Prithviraj Chauhan made with an invader. India has many politicians who are rugged and rough with their tongue. Many of them are not ill-intentioned but often blabber. But I have no doubts whatsoever that Sonia Gandhi is the most vicious politician in India. And the fact that the media covers up for her and does not investigate anything about her makes the danger even greater. The freedom from Corrupt, Anti-Hindu, Anti-India Congress has to be final; no matter what it takes. 
Published: Aug 06, 2015
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