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Do You Know Your Sonia Gandhi And Rahul Gandhi? - Dr Subramanian Swamy

Do You Know Your Sonia Gandhi

Defamation case by Sonia Gandhi quashed and Do Know Your Sonia Gandhi? - Subramanian Swamy

Background of this topic:

Sri Narain Kataria against whom the INOC had filed a 100 Million USD case. Sri Narain is 78 years and has an indomitable spirit. You would remember that New York based Indian National Overseas Congress Inc. (INOC) has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York for $100 million against three prominent Hindu activists Narain Kataria, Arish Sahani and Bharat Barai for allegedly defaming UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi by releasing a full page advertisement in The New York Times during her October 2007 visit to the US.

The Complaint filed by Indian National Overseas Congress at the instance of Indian National Congress headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, against Satya Dosapati, Naresh Sharma, Mahatma Gandhi Center and Hindu Temple, International Foundation, Inc., Sunanda Thali, Hindu International Concil Against Defamation, Inc., and John Does 1-100, was dismissed with prejudice by Judge Nicholas J. Stroumtsos, Jr., J.S.C. on Jan. 14th, 2009. The purpose behind filing these three cases against us was to muzzle our voice, make us financially bankrupt, isolate us, make an example of us and terrorize us into submission. But the unity and solidarity displayed by NRIs have shattered the malicious designs of those who do not believe in freedom of expression and liberty of thought.

This is the third consecutive ignominious defeat suffered by Indian National Overseas Congress.

Original speech by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

The topic today is relationship between freedom of speech & litigation that has been launched not only against katariya, sahani . satya & many more be named. Indeed katariya & sahani not had been faught & satya decided to join them. I would be only matter of time before they would have asked Dr. kooper pointed out included all those who are opposing the present dispensation in our country. All those who are likely to be opponents of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Of course opponents here; I am ready to toes her all the time but she doesn’t want to take me to the court because I don’t need lawyers; I argue myself & I use court as a forum. To all you the points I have been saying in public but because she thinks that you are busy people, you don’t like the harassment of going to the court, you don’t want to waste your time on these peripheral matters & therefore you would surrender & having examples of that you are surrendered & others will say look what happened to this people & we don’t want to get into this. Better we keep our silence. Let them loot the country, let them ruin the country, we sitting in USA & why should we oppose it.

Let me remind you overseas Indians particularly in USA made a major role in restoration of democracy during the period of emergency. I had come here to argue, the same question people use to ask “we will be targeted, our passports will be cancelled”.  What is it here that we can’t do it in India? I said that you have freedom here to speak, exercise it, it will develop its own momentum. And in the end Mrs. Indira Gandhi himself told me later on when she was re-elected in 1980 & she wanted a favor from me in dealing with china & that time I was  chitchatting with her & asked about the emergency situation abt. Why did you do this foolish thing of announcing election which defeated you?  She replied “the campaign by Indians abroad spoiled my name all over the world & that I could not continue forever without an election that’s why I did it. So credit goes to overseas Indians for the democracy & today that same democracy is being threatened here.

 The connection between freedoms of speech & overseas congress is filing a defamation suit has been established by presidents in US law. After all what sahani, katariya & other did was to co-operate with people like satya to put a Advert in NY times; what this has to do with freedom of speech after all you did your freedom of speech by putting an advert & now made accountable for it. How this freedom of speech gets threatened because somebody files suit; a question can be asked. This precise question was raised in 1964 when the NY times published an advert similar abuse in Alabama & particularly targeting the police commissioner of the capital of Alabama. And that police commissioner went on file the suit in the lower court & he claimed damages of 1o million dollars. The lower court gave him the orders impose the cost on NY times. Then they to appeal this case in Supreme Court, court said no NY times have to pay. So this became the classic case between the NY Times vs. the state of Alabama. The police commissioner of the state of Alabama & this case laid the foundation of “how to deal with the defamation suits in the USA”. In that the Supreme Court said publishing an advert against the public officials is only defamatory if the public officials first prove that what is stated there is false, second that public officials proves that the NY Times knew its false & still published it & third that despite the fact that the people the defendants knew it was false & yet in reckless disregard of truth & went on to publish it. Now they asked the commissioner to prove that. So therefore the case is set aside. Subject to include this in NY Times standards which is it called as actual malice it is a technical term (actual malice means knowing something to be false in auto disregard of the truth nevertheless publishing it.) after the NY Times judgments the supreme court in number of cases extended the concept of public officials to public figures.( sport players, lawyer appearing in public case). So as per this Sonia Gandhi come into this category public figure without any doubt. And therefore if this case has to be at all one leave aside the technical points very widely raised by Mr. Dahiya. Even those technical points are set aside case goes on & Sonia Gandhi has to prove by herself coming on the witness box, & whatever is written on the NY Times advt. was not only false but all those people knew that it was false & still went in publishing it. Can she prove it? (loads of claps from crowd). This is what the NY Times said at the points of the litigation , at the point of the sued for what you speak if public figures are allowed to go the court & sue for defamation; then it will have a chilling effect on the public debate & the democracy runs on the public debate. Why they are making a separate category for public officials “ in case of a private person I he files for a defamation the other side has to prove. A public person can call a press conference & can say this is a lie & challenge the defendant to prove it.  Sonia Gandhi could have held a press conference & challenged Mr. katariya & his friends to prove saying this is false because of following reasons. All the things that I have said there is I will prove it in a minute; everything taken from written record & the lawyers for Mr katariya & others have in their reply/ answer to their original petition have indeed documented. And so far it is not been contradicted.  So the connection is that if you impose the pain of litigation in a matter in a public domain then that has a chilling effect on the debate in the country & therefore it is a violation of freedom of speech. And therefore a single case like katariya case is that one will affect your freedom of speech & in the end it will let loose a feeling which will chill further into a debate & that’s why it is centrally related.

This not a case of Mr. katariya fighting & you are standing for him & you know him. This is case for all of us. It is case of freedom of speech. It is case for your future so you can live in this country even though live far away from India you live here without fear of long arm of Indian govt. coming & strangling your opinion.
You may want to know what the charges are.  These charges they have quoted me; strictly speaking they should have sued me, I was itching me that they will sue me. I was not sued but I know how to handle this. Once ramkrishna hegade filed a 50 cr defamation case against me & I made his life so miserable that finally he withdrew the case. Many many cases filed against me & that’s why finally all lawyers came to me & told me why you don’t write a book. I said I don’t have time to write book but I wrote an article about “how to fight a defamation case. Against public figures in USA it is impossible to be sued because the USA NY times standard made it impossible. But in this case Sonia Gandhi not has to prove what you have said is false but also to show that you knew that it is false ; she will end up in cross examination admitting that all this is true. We have to know about the leaders of our country.
  1. Sonia Gandhi is that her real name; her birth-certificate says her real name is Antonia Maino. Her Indian passport application also gives her name as Antonia maino , so why this name of Sonia Gandhi is being used. Gandhi surname can be understandable because rajiv Gandhi married to her. But why Sonia as first name? Sonia is not even an Indian name, it’s a Russian name. Antonia is a Italian name. so why she has taken this name Sonia? Reason is Her late father Stefano Maino, a poor mason, joined the Nazi army and spent two years under Russian captivity when he became pro-Soviet. Sonia is a Russian name and her father started calling her Sonia. As per Swamy, her place of birth as per her birth certificate was Luciana. However, she changed it to Orbassano in her bio-data to our Parliament since Luciana was a discredited place as it was the HQ of Fascists. If she comes to the court & during cross examination we have legitimate right to ask her about where she was born & on which date who is your father & where he was at that time.
  2. Another point is that Sonia Gandhi faked her degree.allegedly she made a false affidavit that she had a diploma from Cambridge University whereas she learnt English from a “teaching shop” called Lennox School (now defunct) in Cambridge town. Well, I have no facts and hence cannot sit in arbitration! I have letter from Cambridge University saying there was not such student ever studied. I went to court about this issue but high court justice said me be generous, be lion hearted; leave the matter. So after that subsequently Sonia dropped those things from her affidavit. But our society unfortunately is not tough enough. Only objection I have on satya’s advt. saying that she passed a high school; she did not even passed a high school. Beyond 5th class she did not studied. In this she shares a common educational background with karunanidhi.
  3. In the citizenship question’ Is she a citizen of India? She is registered citizen. She got citizenship by registration. Of course after 18 yrs being in India but she did not renounced her original Italian citizenship. A new govt of India without sonia’s chamachas in it can easily cancel her citizenship with the stroke of pen i.e. Home minister of India.
  4. Sonia Gandhi has connection with KGB( Russian intelligence agency), well I told you  that her father was in jail. Rajiv Gandhi & his family were a regular recipient of  KGB money & they are paid through company setup by a family. Its all written in Dr. Yevgenia Albats, book, (   she s noted Russian scholar and journalist, and was a member of the KGB Commission set up by President Yeltsin in August 1991.) She was privy to the Soviet intelligence files that documented these deals and KGB facilitation of the same. In her book, "The State within a State, The KGB in Soviet Union", she even gives the file numbers of such intelligence files, which can now be accessed by any Indian government through a formal request to the Kremlin.  The Russian Government in 1992 was confronted by the Albats' disclosure; they confirmed it through their official spokesperson to the press [which was published in Hindu in 1992], defending such financial payments as necessary in "Soviet ideological interest".1 When the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, things changed for Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Her patrons evaporated. The rump that became Russia was in a financial mess and disorder. So Ms. Sonia Gandhi became a supporter of another communist country to the annoyance of the Russians. In December 2001, i had filed a Written Petition in the Delhi High Court with the photocopies of the KGB documents, and sought a CBI investigation, but govt of India refused to register FIR against her & did not issued letter of rogatory to get the original documents from Russian govt.   That’s why my case was failed. That case can be revised anytime. There is prima-facie evidence, is for her to prove/ disprove.
  5. Sonia Gandhi received $ 2 billion according to the respected Swiss magazine, Schweitzer Illustrate [November 1991 issue], Rajiv Gandhi had about $ 2 billion in numbered Swiss bank accounts, which Sonia inherited upon his assassination. Death of rajiv Gandhi , indira gadhi & sanjay Gandhi was very profitable for Sonia Gandhi as she received almost all money after their death as a beneficiary. I would say in any criminal case first suspect is always beneficiary person.
  6. Antique smuggling by Sonia Gandhi: Indian temple sculpture of gods and goddesses, antiques, pichwai paintings, shatoosh shawls, coins, and you name it, were transported to Italy to be first displayed in two shops owned by her sister [i.e., Anuskha alias Alessandra]. These shops located in blue-collar areas of Rivolta [shop name: Etnica] and Orbassano [shop name: Ganpati] did little business because which blue collar Italian wants Indian antiques? The shops were to make false bills, and thereafter these treasures were taken to London for auction by Sotheby's and Christies. Some of this ill-gotten money from auction went into Rahul Gandhi's National Westminster Bank and Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, London accounts, but most of it found it's way into the Gandhi family account in the Bank of America in Cayman Islands. I produced photos of her smuggling antiques & put into the court, it shows antiques stolen from all over India. The LTTE assisted her to smuggle this antiques but nobody believed me on this LTTE involvement until when Italian govt. arrested 33 LTTE people in Italy. Sonia Gandhi has been more discreet, but as greedy, in her looting of Indian treasures. When Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were Prime Ministers, not a day passed when the PM's security did not go to the New Delhi, or Chennai international airport to send crates and crates unchecked by customs to Rome. Air India and Alitalia were the carriers. I  failed to persuade the government to defend India's treasures from plunder by the Mainos, then I approached the Delhi High Court in a PIL. The first Bench of the court issued notice to the Government, but since the Indian government dragged it's feet, the Court directed the CBI to seek Interpol's and Italian government's help. The Italian government justifiably asked for a Letter Rogatory for which a FIR is a pre-requisite. But the Interpol did oblige and submitted two voluminous reports, which the Court directed the CBI to hand over to Dr Swamy. But CBI has refused, and has claimed privilege.

Rahul Gandhi Lies on Education

Why is he (Rahul Gandhi) registered as Rahul Vinci Gandhi in Rolings college in Orlando or some place like that, which is a Christian missionary college.  Why did he not register himself as Rahul Gandhi?  Why did he claim he has M.Phil from Cambridge.  University of Cambridge has no record of any thesis, you cannot get M.Phil without any thesis.  How did he claim that?  I asked university of Cambridge to give me a letter.  The university said we know what you did with Sonia Gandhi letter, we are not going to give any more letters.  So, they decline to give me any letter.   I went to the library where all thesis are kept.  His name is not there.   Not there as a student also.  Not there in registrar’s office as student who took exam, in the year he mentioned, 1995.   So, why did he claim.  He first claimed he went to Harvard.  Yes, he went to Harvard, in the sense, when Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, Indujas gave 11 million dollars to  Harvard Medical School  and on donor’s quota and Harvard has this quota, but once you enter, you have to compete,  in three months, Harvard said we don’t think you belong here.  So, he dropped out.  Now, he doesn’t use the word Harvard.  Unfortunately for him, some one in politics like me has long standing connection with Harvard.  Why you tell lies like this?  Because in our country we respect education.   So, you tell a lie about education.   All of us work hard, to pass examination and get a degree,  these guys don’t do anything, and they put themselves as educated.

Rahul Gandhi Citizenship

Is Rahul a citizen of India?   He is born in India.  But the Italian law says that if your mother is Italian citizen at the time of your birth,  which in 1970, which time Sonia Gandhi was a citizen (of Italy),  then you automatically become a citizen of Italy.   And law in India says, you cannot be a citizen of India, unless you renounce the citizenship of another country.  Rahul Gandhi never renounced that citizenship because you are required by the law to declare  and give  a certificate to  Italian government that I have renounced that citizenship.  In fact, he uses a Italian passport by the name of Rahul Vinci,  Any time tomorrow, the Government comes that does not have the sychophants or those who are blackmailed by them,  then you can say that Rahul Gandhi also, you are not a citizen of India.  One of the things they have secretly kept, but that has gottenout now, is that Rahul Gandhi has gotten admission into ?? college on two grounds.  A) He is a Christian, in record and B) he is a marksman rifle shooter.   So, on sportsmen quota he got admission, not on grades.   How did he have to do that.  He could not pass hindi exam and he is representing the state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the person who needs to be shown that he has nothing to do with Gandhi.  Gandhi was a man who was a barrister,  earned a name as a lawyer of south Africa, gave it all away for the country,  then if Rahul is using that name, you have a right to say, you are an impostor,  you don’t belong here.  (Claps).

Rahul Gandhi arrested by FBI

Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport.  He had 160,000 dollars in cash.  In united states, you cannot enter with more than 10,000 dollars without declaring it.  He didn’t declare and got caught.  He had with him a girlfriend by name Veronique Cartelli, citizen, passport holder spain, father Colombian.  Cartelli, means drug mafia.   And something else is there, which has not been identified.  27th September, 2001, they have SPG, like a royal family they have SPG cover. SPG said he is son of former Prime Minister and FBI said we don’t care.   It is the law.  Nine hours they kept.  Government of India intervened,  Condelezza Rice was told this will affect Indo-US relationship,  and then the FBI was told to let him go.  FBI registered a FIR or equivalent of FIR,  I don’t know what they call here, criminal case or whatever,  and was told anytime we want we can call you and you can go.  They let him go.  My friends here try to get information using freedom of information act to FBI and FBI said they will give his records, provided we get no objection certification from Rahul Gandhi because it is his personal records.   That’s the law.  So, I wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi.   If you have nothing to hide, give us the permission.   He never replied.  Everybody knows.  This is in record.  Nothing to hide.   $ 160,000 dollars in cash, carry such cash for what for?

Rahul Gandhi – living with his girl friend

Don’t we think we have right to know if Rahul Gandhi is married or not?  In his house in Tughlak lane,  there is a foreign woman there.  Her name is Veronique Cartelli.   Is he married to her or not married to her?   Or is he living with her?   Can he not make that public?  What would the Indians think.  Rajiv Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Rahul Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Can’t  he find Indian girls at all?  And what were the antecedents of Veronique?   Daughter of drug mafia.  So,  we need to know.  Even in marriages,  we need to know.  Accountability in India is one can go to village and find out everything about me.  When you have a foreigner, you have to be doubly careful. 
Author: Dr. Subramanian Swamy  
Published: March 07, 2015
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