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Corruption & Terrorism Are The Main Challenges Before Indian Democracy.

Corruption  Terrorism Are

Speakers in a seminar organised by Hidustan Samachar here on 27th August 2011, concluded that the Corruption & terrorism are two main challenges before the Indian Democracy. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Govindacharya and former Odisha IGP & BJP executive Ashok Sahu were the main speakers at the seminar titled “Challenges Before Indian Democracy”.

Elaborating about the present situation in the country, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Chief Speaker of the seminar, said that the Corruption at the highest level of the executive & political system is the highest threat to Indian Democracy. When the protector of the system gets corrupt, who can save the system ? The corruption then percolates down to the last level of the administration. Therefore it is more dangerous for the country. The corruption also threatens the national security both from within & outside.

He said that terrorism of al hues – Maoist, Jihadi or political – is another strong threat Indian Democracy is facing today. Due to the corruption, the political class gets blackmailed & loses the will to fight the terrorism to eradicate it from its root.

He also explained how the hawala rackets work to send the black money out of country, how Pakistani spy agency ISI controls hawala network, how the participatory notes are bought from USA using this black money, how these participatory notes are used for deals in Indian share market, how the profit generated is converted to US Dollars

using same participatory notes & how the Dollars send back outside the country, how the tax on the profits in share market is evaded using Mauritius route. He claimed that the higher ups involved in the corruption are responsible for the lapses in National Security.  He stated that even the GDP is growing at 9%, still the rate of inflation is raising instead of dropping down, due to the incessant corruption in the political higher ups & the administration.

Dr. Swamy told audience that if we have to improve the situation, we have to find & follow our spiritual roots. Spirituality is the only answer to these problems. The ongoing agitation of Anna Hajare is a fine example of how Indian Democracy is rooted & how it responds to the situation, he said. There was a Mahatma Gandhi, who was clad in minimum clothes, who became idol of the nation in the fight against British. Now a simple Dhoti – Kurta clad Anna Hazare became idol of the anti-corruption movement. Both men are famous for simple leaving. Indian culture values the Sanyasis like Swami Ramdevji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and others. But that does not mean that India rejects wealth, only the culture here teaches how to avoid the greed. And within this ambit of sacrifice and services for the society, we can get the real strength for our survival against all odds under the benediction of  our glorious way of life in Sanatana Dharma.

Elaborating on the concept of Democracy, Dr.Swamy said that decentralisation is the key for the success of democracy, and the same thing is the speciality of our culture. He said the democracy is not the gift of Britishers. Indian culture has democracy in its bloodlines from ancient times. He compared Indian political system with the systems in neighbouring nations & middle-east. He argued that the Indonesia which shares the same ancient culture with India is the only country in the region which is successful in democratic political system after India.

Dr. Swamy also pointed out that the minorities in India, mainly Muslims oppose the Uniform Civil Code, but the prefer Uniform Criminal Procedure Code, cause Shariayt’s Criminal code is more stringent.

Dr.Swamy claimed that P.Chidambaram is equally responsible for the 2G scam As he was the other signatory to the decisions & the contract papers of the companies. He claimed Shivraj Patil had prepared a note blacklisting some companies due to their connections with China & ISI. Etisalat is the company with ISI stakes in it. Uninor is the company with Chinese Govt stake in it. These two companies were blacklisted by Shivraj Patil. Despite this blacklisting, Swan telecom sold their licenses to Etisalat & Shahid Balva’s Unitech sold their to Uninor. The security concerns were overlooked by the Govt & administration.

Another issue Dr.Swamy highlighted was of Electronic Voting Machines. He claimed that even in Japan, where the chipsets for these machines are produced, EVMs are not used for elections. Every single country in the world uses ballet papers for elections. Recently German Supreme court had ordered discarding of EVMs & ordering the German Govt to use ballot [papers instead. The German Supreme court stated that the “Transparency” is more important than the “Efficiency”.

Dr. Swamy argued that if India has to overcome the current problems of corruption & terrorism, India has to return to its cultural Hindu roots. Spirituality is the only way out.

  1. RSSK. N. Govindacharya spoke about how the corruption & terrorism are eating up the life of common man. The duo causes the rise in inflation & the insecurity in the society.
  2. Govindacharya stated that there is a more thanneed of a powerful & responsible opposition with firm moral ground in current situation for the democracy to succeed. He advised the opposition to avoid the politics of power & become a more powerful opposition with moral strength. He argued that due to the lack of powerful opposition, the rulers are becoming the looters of nation. He also questioned the role of the media in many situations.

Pointing to the Prevention of Targeted and Communal Violence Bill 2011,Govindacharya said that this is a conspiracy against Hindus in general that will promote more  tension between the different religious belief and will be used by the non Hindu minority groups to persecute the majority Hindu people with a tool so being introduced by the State Authority. This bill is fully designed by some pro Muslim and pro Christian people in the NAC (National Advisory Council) only for demoralizing the rights of Hindu Organisation in general. Govindacharya said that the impugned bill may promote the Terror of so called minority against the Majority Indian people with a fortified shield of this draconian bill as Prevention of Targeted and Communal Violence Bill 2011,  in question.

Former IGP of Odisha & BJP’s executive committee member Ashok Sahu delivered the key note address as Sushama Swaraj could not make it due to the parliament proceedings on Lokpal bill. He stated how bad the situation is. Sahu stressed the need to maintain the sanctity of the constitutional institutes like CAG, CIC, Judiciary, EC etc. for the successful & functional democracy. He claimed that when other institutions fail to protect the democracy from corruption & terrorism, the judiciary becomes over active, as of the situation today. Sahu criticised the political parties including national ones for becoming over individualised & said that when they come together only to prevent some other major party becoming ruler, the democracy is harmed. He also pointed to the economic divide among the society as a major problem in the success of democracy as the situation is being exploited by the Maoists & other anti-nationals. In this situation, we can’t blame the people if they lose the faith on democratic system. But like in the days of emergency, the organisations like RSS stand firmly for strengthening the democracy, which is a hope in this situation, he claimed.

Hindustan Samachar’s mentor Shrikant Joshi, a RSS national functionary, spoke about the history of Hindustan Samachar. The national news agency which was established in the decade of 1940s, was the first to offer the news services in Indian languages. The prestigious national news agency had to shut services in the days of emergency when the agency invited the wrath of the Govt. The agencies services have resumed in last decade & currently the agency caters to the major vernacular press in India. The Hindustan Samachar offers services in 13 languages, including Sanskrit, with over 33 bureaus in throughout India & two overseas bureaus. It is the only agency offering news services in Sanskrit. There are ambitious plans of expansion in the line, he informed the audience.

Eknath Thakur, Chairman of theSaraswat Bank, presided over the function. He agreed with the speakers about corruption & terrorism being the major challenges before the Indian Democracy. He hoped that India will be victorious in the struggle, defeating those challenges. He stated at one point that in the current situation, Indian Democracy has become “Of the Corrupt, For the Corrupt, By the Corrupt”. He also stressed the need of the services of the news houses like Hindustan Samachar, in the current struggle of the Indian Democracy.

Hindustan Samachar’s national Secretary and CEO Aniruddha Sharma introduced the guests. Reception committee chairman & Thane Janata Sahakari Bank Chairman Vidyadhar Vaishampayan welcomed the guests. Hindustan Samachar’s director Ravindra Sanghavi was also present on the dais. Many prominent industrialists, merchants, professors & political leaders along with students of political science & journalism were present for the seminar.

Author: Dr Subramanian Swamy  

Published: Aug 28, 2011

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